Puff Roofing And Cladding Sheet

Product Description:

We bring forth PUF Insulated Panels For Roofing/Cladding services that are apt for roofs and walls. These are rendred using high quality polyurethane foam made insulated panels that are fabricated from raw material like galvanized sheets and steel for the purpose of facing. Made using cutting edge technology, these sheets are applied to varied areas.


Item Specifications
Density 40 ± 2 Kgs m3
Compressive Strength at 10% deformation 2.1 Kgs/cm3
Tensile Strength 4.0 Kgs/cm2
Bending Strength 4.2 Kgs/cm2
Adhesion Strength (Foam to Steel) 3.0 Kgs/cm2
Dimension Stability (48 hours) -25 °C 38 & 90% RH 100 C 0.1% 0.1% 0.4%
Closed Cell Content 90-95%
Temperature Range -180°C to 140°C
Temperature Conductivity at 0 C (Design Value 0.220 K Cal/m-hr/C or 0.223 w/m k) 0.018 K Cal/m-hm/c
Water Absorption 0.1% volume at 100% RH
Vapor Permeability (At 90% RH & 38 C) 0.8/0.12 GMS/HR m2 As Per IS-11239
Fire Property Extent to burn as per BS 4735 Max. 100 mm
Type Self Extinguishing

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